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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

How Homeowners Can Navigate Paying for Home Repairs

Band-aid home repairs

Image courtesy of Pixabay By Author: Bret Engle Eventually, it happens to every homeowner: You wake up to puddled water in your laundry room, your roof wears out, or Mother Nature sends damaging storms in your direction. When those incidents occur, having a plan can make the difference between panic and peace of mind. Hiring Contractors for Repairs Unless you’re particularly handy, chances are you’ll be paying for a repairman at some point. Whether it’s to bring a furnace back to life, quickly restore an appliance to working condition, or lift a tree off your roof and fix the gaping...

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Thinking about Building a Custom Home?

rural homes

Are you thinking about building a new custom home in the near future? The economy has been giving a lot of positive signals lately, and many people are feeling like now might be the time to think about building their dream home. This can be very exciting! It can also be pretty scary! A new home is one of the largest investments a normal person can make and you want to make sure you are prepared and informed to make the most from your investment. Think about Whys of Building Your Custom Home? What are your main motivations for building?...

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Tornado Safety

As February comes to a start here in Kansas, many of us begin to think about tornado safety. Most Kansans love a good storm, but we also know the damage and heartache these can occasionally bring. Like most things, the best we can do is to prepare, and then try not to worry about things out of our control. To help prepare, we’ve created this info-graphic summarizing a few ideas to prepare for the next storm. With the way things are going have been the last few years or so, we may need to start working on earthquake preparedness!  ...

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