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Energy Efficient Homes by Heritage

Everyone wants to live in a home that is comfortable and isn’t expensive to heat and cool. Heritage Home Works, LLC. strives to stay on top of the energy efficient options with energy efficient homes, and will work with you to find options that fit you and your budget. This can be as simple as using an insulation that stops air penetration, or as high tech as testing the home in stages with a blower door to make sure that we are able to detect any air leaks before it is too late to fix them!

Energy Efficient Homes by Heritage Home Works

The Key to an Energy Efficient Home

How do you make a home efficient?

1. Insulation:

Insulation has a big impact on how a home maintains its temperature. There are three basic types of insulation: fiberglass/rock wool batts, sprayed cellulose/fiberglass, and foam.

Energy Efficient Windows by Heritage Home Works

Batts tend to leave gaps and is difficult to install in such a way the full R-value is achieved. If the batts are compressed, they loose their effectiveness. Batt insulation is the most economical, and most common insulation type in homes built today, but will never be as efficient as the following options.

Sprayed cellulose (dense pack insulation) is a cellulose insulation that is sprayed with a glue that allows the insulation to stand up in the stud bays. Because it is sprayed into the bays, it allows the insulation to fill behind the outlet boxes and get into gaps and cracks in the stud wall creating a very tight thermal envelop. When extra insulation is requested, we use Zip R-panel to add an additional R-6.6 to the outside of the wall.

Foam is the most efficient option, either as ICF construction or spray foam. This is the most expensive insulation option, but it is also the most expensive. Foam has the benefit of completely sealing the envelop of the home. Typically we use spray foam to seal the ceiling and incidental framing when building an ICF home.

2. Air Sealing

The other side of an efficient home is air leakage. We are able to test a home to evaluate how much air is leaking into a home by using a blower door. This allows the ability to find areas that may be leaking, and fix them before the home is complete. Heritage Home Works, LLC uses a couple different techniques to air seal a home. This has allowed us to achieve air test ratings of up to .3 or less ACH50 (air changes per hour). Give us a call today to learn more- this is just the tip of the iceberg!

3. Heating and Cooling

Books can be written on the different heating and cooling options available. Let us help you walk through the maze of options with you!

4. Passive Solar

The sun is a wonderful source of free heat in the winter time! With proper calculations, orientation, and planning, your home can have supplemental heat all winter long (as long as the sun is out anyway…)! This is only possible with forethought and planning. Talk to us today to see if this is a possibility on your home!

There are many other items to discuss- Call today to start the conversation today!
Energy Efficient Homes
South facing windows set up for solar heat gain.
Energy Efficent Homes
Large south facing windows set up for maximum passive solar heat gain.
Energy Efficient Homes
Southern windows for solar heat gain.

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