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ICF Homes

ICF (insulated concrete forms) is the best way to build if you want the best in energy efficiency, comfort, and strength. These foam “Legos” are filled full of concrete creating an incredibly strong wall, while also eliminating air leakage and thermal bridging. This is by far the best way to build an efficient home.

The Key to building an ICF Energy Efficient Home

Heritage Home Works, LLC can design and build YOUR unique ICF home that will stand the test of time, while offering comfort and efficiency for the long haul. Blower door tests on Insulated Concrete Forms homes have shown that we can build a home that has incredibly low air leakage. This translates to lower utility bills, quiet (you may not even know there is a storm outside!), unsurpassed comfort, and relief for those who suffer from allergies.

Insulated Concrete Forms
An insulated concrete form home finishes out much the same as any other home. Only you will know where the comfort and peace created comes from!
ICF - insulated concrete forms
Notice the deep window seats created naturally by the insulated concrete form walls!

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