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Custom Ceiling Texture / Re-texture

I’ve got bad news. Popcorn ceilings are not coming back into style. Especially not the sparkles. I’ve also got good news! Heritage Home Works, LLC can take your ceiling that “snows” every time anything touches the ceiling and create a knockdown, smooth, or even a custom ceiling texture job on your ceiling! This is not a painless process, but most of the time it will only take 2-3 days! Just think about all the compliments you will get on your new ceiling – and think of all the dust bunnies you won’t have to chase!

At Heritage we do many different kinds of ceilings as well as textures.
Custom barrel vault ceiling with a blue sky effect.

Textured Ceiling Options

There are several options options for the new texture on your ceiling. Everything from a crows foot, to a knockdown, to even smooth ceilings! All these ceiling textures will help modernize your home, and will stop the snow from falling!

Custom ceilings by Heritage

Removing Textured Ceiling

Ceiling texture removal is a messy job, but that is where having a company that is versed is this type of project. Heritage Home Works, LLC will work to protect your home, furniture, and way of life. A re-texture project generally takes 3-4 days. During this time, your home will look like NASA was there- plastic on the walls, floor, and covering any items that could not be removed. Once the texture is removed, then we will clean up, skim coat the ceiling, and prepare for new texture. Once the new texture has been applied, then the texture is allowed to dry. Then two coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 700 paint is applied. After the texture and the paint has been completed, we will do a deep clean. This involves vacuuming the space and dusting. By the end of the week, your home will be back to normal, only better!

Ceiling Texture and custom ceilings by Heritage

Call today 316-288-9033 to schedule your ceiling renovation! After that, everything (and everyone) will be looking up!

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